Saturday, 11 January 2014

Cardinal Grand Cross April 2014

As most of you may already know, we're on the midst of a transformative Pluto Uranus square, which has been in effect for the last couple of years, and will continue to be in effect until next spring.   It's an aspect of huge change on a global level, as we've seen politically, economically, in the extreme weather patterns, as well as on a personal level. 

Everyone is going through their own personal revolution in some way, and some more than others.  Everyone is being forced out of their comfort zone somehow, and the people with planets in the early degrees of the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are likely to be going through the most change.  These people are already starting to experience big transformations in their lives.

Uranus is in Aries and Pluto is in Capricorn, and now Jupiter in Cancer is also in the mix, t-squaring them both.  So, what happens in April?   Mars happens - the God of War!  Mars is in Libra, and he goes retrograde on March 1st, and stays retrograde until May 17th, 2014.  Mars is the planet of assertion, aggression, sex, anger, how you get your needs met, how you go after what you want, competition, sports, war, combat get the idea.  Mars is not at his happiest in the sign of Libra, as Libra is the sign of partnerships and agreements and of being polite and nice,  (the antithesis of Mars) so his more domineering and assertive energies will still come out, but they may have to go underground and could come out in a more passive aggressive kind of way.  For some these energies get repressed, and that's when people can explode. 

In mid April, the Uranus Pluto square becomes exact, and Jupiter comes in to make it an exact t-square, and then Mars comes in to make it an EXACT DEGREE grand cross!   All the planets will be at 13.5 degrees of cardinal signs.

It's quite stunning really, how these 4 planets come together so precisely, which makes their energies all come together and release at exactly the same time. 

Mercury is part of this Grand Cross as well, as he comes in and triggers it on April 14th.  Mercury is 'the messenger', so we may hear some sort of mind-blowing news at this point, on a personal or a global level.  April 20th is when it is at the beginning of its most intense phase, as the Moon is in Capricorn and triggering the whole thing, and then its on April 22nd when Mars moves into its exact position and squares the already existing exact T-square.  You're going to be feeling it all month though, mostly from the 14th onward.   The Sun conjuncts Uranus on April 2nd, and then triggers the developing Grand Cross from the 2nd to the 4th, so we may see something starting as early as then.
Still, the 14th looks like a big day as far as world news goes, as that also happens to be the day of the Total Lunar Eclipse! 

On a global level, this is probably the most volatile and intense time of the last few decades.  Some even say in our lifetime.  We can expect possible acts of terrorism, natural disasters, earthquakes, extreme weather, and either war or an escalation of some military conflict.  We could also expect the economy to go into even deeper crisis mode at this time, perhaps as a response to some disaster in the world, or maybe its when the rest of the world finally gives up on the US dollar standard.  These planets are all in cardinal signs, which are action signs. Things happen in action signs.  No one knows for sure what's going to happen, but at the very least we'll get to see how things are not working and how the current world set-up is no longer viable.  We're going to see things crack open, but besides breakdowns we may also see amazing breakthroughs, or hear of some astounding new technological advancement.  Perhaps they will find a new cure that will impact the world.   Whenever Uranus is involved, you know it will be sudden and surprising.

On a personal level, we're making shifts.  You've already been nudged out of your comfort zone, so you already know where the changes are happening - so do what you can to move forward into change, instead of resisting it and fighting it.  If you've already been lobbying for change, this is when you may see some results. This is when things will happen.  They are conflictual energies for sure, but sometimes a little conflict is what is needed to break away.  You may become brave now, even if it is impetuous and sudden.   This is a deciding month for relationships.  The relationship asteroid Juno hits that Grand Cross degree of 13.5 Aries in early April, which again speaks to changes in the status quo of many relationships.

To work with this energy, think about the planets involved. Your ideals or belief systems (Jupiter) may need to change (Uranus), in an irrevocable way (Pluto). Uranus is also the great 'liberator', as he rids us of unwanted baggage by separating us from what is no longer in our best interest. Mars says that one needs to make a personal effort, and it may mean that you're giving something another try (retrograde) or dealing with something from before, or reconsidering your previous actions/attitudes/behaviours.  Think of all this as accelerated change.  Everyone's going to be affected in some way, but those with planets in mid degrees of Cardinal signs are going to feel it the most.

When Mars is in retrograde, do not initiate war, as you will lose, according to astrologer Lynn Koiner.  On a personal level this could mean litigation - don't sue somebody when Mars is retrograde.  Lynn says that the initiator of the 'battle' is the one who will lose.  We pray and hope the US does not enter into another war at this time, but it is such a volatile signature.  It looks like the Ukraine is being really hit by this aspect already.

So, who's being hit directly by this Grand Cross?

Putin's Sun is at 13 degrees of Libra
The US has its Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer.
Russia's Mars is at 13° Capricorn.
China's Mercury is at 13° Libra.

China's Mercury is being hit - Mercury is the 'messenger;, so I wonder if we're going to be hearing news out of China during this time.  My own city of Vancouver was incorporated on April 6th, so its being hit by the Grand Cross as well. 

Notable personalities with Suns close to 13.5 degrees Cardinal
Alec Baldwin  (new Dad)
Mel Gibson
Bradley Cooper
Tom Cruise
The Dalai Lama
Matt Damon
Simon Cowell (first time Dad)

Those with Moon close to 13.5 degrees Cardinal
Angeline Jolie
Kate Winslet
Anne Hathaway
Johnny Depp (just got engaged)

Those with Venus close to 13.5 degrees Cardinal
George Clooney
Ashley Judd
Bill Clinton
Miley Cyrus
Diane Lane

We may hear more from these people in the news in the coming month.

Make sure you yourself are not doing something really dumb on those most intense days - like don't go rock climbing and don't speed and don't be reckless in any way.  Do not provoke anyone. Seriously.

Some astrologers are predicting a complete economic meltdown for April of 2014.   Well, we still have Jupiter and Saturn -the business planets - trining each other, which offers some small protection as some other astrologers have pointed out.   But, its highly likely we're going to be shown how the old world economy is no longer viable.  This could play out in a million different ways.  Very likely there will be sovereign banking systems that fail.  Slovenia is probably going down this year, according to CEO and expert Eric Sprott, and Japan is in dangerous territory.  Maybe the Federal Reserve will finally have to admit that they don't have the gold in reserve that they say they do, and that they've been covering up for decades!   If that happens, then what do you think will happen to the market?  Whatever happens will make us sit up and realize there is no going back to the way it used to be.  More bank bail ins (gov't confisacting funds from citizens) are highly likely, even here in Canada,   Jupiter and Saturn are trining each other now, but when Jupiter shifts into Leo on July 26th, it will then square Saturn in Scorpio.  The two business planets will no longer be in trine, but in a square.  This could be when things really start to get more dramatic economically.

There will be shifts and change certainly - on a literal, financial and emotional level.  Focus on your own personal life instead, and look at how you're using your power (pluto) or not, and look at where you can make positive changes in your life.

This energy is going to be played out within relationships on a personal level for the most part, as Mars is in the relationship sign of Libra.  Romantic relationships will be key of course, but any kind of relationship comes under fire - love, platonic, business, financial, consultants, health professionals, therapists - you get the idea.

I think these times are forcing people to rely more on faith and trust and turn inside to a more spiritual place.  Really, where else can you go when the external world no longer feels safe?   Neptune has recently entered its home sign of Pisces, and this heralds a shift towards a more spiritual perspective.   New structures and beliefs cannot be built up until the old corrupt ones are ripped down.   This aspect is ripping those old structures down.  

Besides all this, April also happens to be an Eclipse month !.  We have a Total Lunar Eclipse on April 14th, and then a Solar Eclipse on April 28th.   Eclipses are intense, and the lunar eclipse on the 14th is particularly intense as its Total and not Partial.   On the Lunar Eclipse, we also happen to have Mercury come in and conjunct Uranus and trigger that Grand Cross degree.   Eclipses are times of change, of endings and of beginnings, and we almost always hear of notable figures passing away at these times.

To get even more information, lets check out the Fixed Stars. 

ARCTURUS is conjunct the Lunar Eclipse Moon -  is of the nature of Jupiter and Mars.  This symbolizes the daring to strike out and take a new path or to try a new way.  To go in a new whole direction.

ACHERNAR - is conjunct the eclipse Chiron.  It promises happiness and success through integrity, moral and religious fortitude and steadfastness in philosophical beliefs.  It also brings the risk of rapid endings.

There have been more mainstream media reports of UFOs lately, like that one the pilot from the British Airways jet reported  day or so ago.  I wonder if April will be when we hear of more, as Jupiter and Uranus in aspect is classic for these kinds of things, and especially when you factor in the other cardinal planets.  Perhaps there will be some sort of contact.  The above pic is one I found at over at The Vike Factor  and it was taken over Deep Cove in North Vancouver on August 26, 2013 - you can make out the spherical object hovering overhead. 

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  1. This aspect has kept me astrologically fascinated the last couple of years or so, not just from a global perspective either.
    I have Capricorn ascendant, so consequently this upcoming cardinal cross is impacting big time however in "not going to hapen overnight" kind of way too. In other words, prolonged and drawn out...
    I also think being a child of that mid 60s generation (Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo and sextile Neptune in Scorpio) gives us a bit more of an understanding of this stressful global period. That would be emphasized more if those outer planet aspects from that time period were aspecting personal planets like Venus, Mercury, etc..
    You know, sometimes I wish global changes that "push" humankind out of the old age of Pisces and into the newer Aquarius period would hurry up!!!
    This world needs equalization of the biggest kind.

  2. I have a grand cross, among other intense configurations, in my natal chart that includes Chiron, which I consider an important planetoid. Mine is: Chiron 12 Cap 53' , 1st house, Sun 11 Aires 13' 4th house, Uranus 9 Cancer 59' 7th house, Saturn 11 Libra 39' 10th house, using a chart in Tropical Placidus. So this pressure is a constant in my life. Seems to be close to coming to a head. My Solar Return chart is as intense falling the 1st of April.
    Thea De, March 2nd, 2014; Fort Worth, TX

  3. Question:

    How Jupiter will square Saturn from above "when Jupiter shifts into Leo on July 26th, it will then square Saturn in Leo" with both in Leo?

  4. Thanks for catching that. Just a typo obviously. Saturn is in Scorpio.

  5. Very interesting indeed. Born 4.1.1958 maidstone uk at 6am I am awaiting this grand cross with trepidation...thankyou

  6. hello atro barb. I am scared . what is this pluto-uranus going to do to me. my life has been a battle for the past year and a half. tell me please how to fight the pluto and Uranus? doina

  7. Yes, I agree it all sounds scary, but you can't fight Uranus and Pluto. Think of where the change has been happening in your life, and go with that. What are these planets asking of you? The trick is to move forward into change instead of resisting it and fighting it. The mantra of Pluto is 'the degree to which you resist is the degree to which you suffer,' Remember, the planets are not out to get you. They are simply ushering in a new way of thinking and.or being, and if we've been holding on to something or someone that is no longer in our best interest, then we may be shown that its time to let go. Human beings by nature tend to fear the unknown and stick to what is familiar and what they are used to. This can mean missing out on something amazing and far better than they could ever imagine, simply out of fear. So, if its time to evolve, this intense planetary time is the cosmic kick in the pants that gets things moving in the right direction. Birth usually comes with birthing pains however, so going with the flow as best we can is the best way to minimize the angst.

  8. During and after the Uranus & Pluto , Grand Cross transits, American shall fall and Russia shall rise. May I benefit from you view on the future of China ? Nat

  9. The BRICS nations are positioning themselves well as they are now apparently forming their own central bank and have developed their own currency, the ALTYN, which is backed by Gold. China's holdings in Gold are huge, so they obvously know what's going down in the very near future as far as the death of the dollar goes. I would think China can only benefit in the future. Putin is no angel of course, but he's the only leader who's stood up against the corrupt and manipulative western banksters and gov't who continue to try and control the world. The US want Ukraine so they can get their military and Nato bases on the coast close to Russia and the Russian border so they can continue to try and destabilize Russia. They effectively want to cut Russia off from the Black Sea. The US do love to go in and do dirty backroom deals with leaders of nations (pay them off huge), and then the leader of said nation agrees to loan money from the IMF, knowing of course that the country cannot pay it back, and then the IMF/banksters get certain privileges with that country's resources. I should do a post about the natal chart of China - that would be interesting.

  10. Natal chart of China would be most interesting. Imported inflation, corrections on property market, defaults on financial tools, bonds are all manifesting. It seems that a crunch is inevitable.
    Will China go to war with Japan in 2014 ?

  11. Nice blog !! Thanks for sharing important information about Planets effect on global economy.

  12. Nice Blog !! Thanks for sharing important information about Planets position and their effects.