Friday, 7 March 2014

Silver and Gold prices 2014-2015

The two business planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are the main drivers when it comes to the prices of GOLD and SILVER, and the stock market too.   Jupiter expands the price and the popularity of whatever he touches, so the sign that Jupiter is transiting through at any given time describes the types of industries/commodities that should do well. Jupiter makes things popular, and people get enthusiastic about whatever Jupiter's sign represents, and the market reflects that.  Saturn does the opposite - Saturn restricts.  We're talking trends here, so its not always as black and white as this, but still - the trend is there.

For example, when Jupiter is in the sign of Gemini, cell phone companies stock prices tend to go up, and all things to do with communications, networking, education - so one might want to invest in a bookstore, or perhaps a Railroad stock.

The opposite will happen when Saturn is in the sign of Gemini - these same industries tend to go through a slump and their stock prices tend to go down.  This actually provides an excellent buying opportunity -  because at some point in the next 12 years Jupiter will come back and support these industries again.  

Rule of thumb is to buy low and sell high, which sounds like a no brainer, yet most people don't do this.  They tend to buy high, because Jupiter makes them 'enthusiastic' to buy that particular industry/stock, which is why that industry price tends to go up.  Buy stock in industries when Saturn is hitting them, and sell when Jupiter is hitting them.  If everyone is already buying something, then its already too late.  You've come in at the end of the trend.  Astrology helps you to know where the trend is heading before it actually gets there.

I'll give you a quick rundown of a few of the industries that are ruled by each sign

Aries - aerospace/defence, dental, diamonds, eyeglasses, fitness, fireplaces, metals, military, war things, surgical.

Taurus - banks, beauty supplies, cattle, collectables, copper, financial services/institutions, massage, art as an investment

Gemini - advertising, car parts and cars, bikes, books, buses, education, newspapers, radios, railroads, phones, writing supplies

Cancer - homes, housing companies, real estate, bakeries, restaurants, food supply, grocery, hotels, kitchens, milk, silver

Leo - gold, amusement parks, gambling, holidays, games, recreation, stockbrokers, golf, RVs

Virgo - accountants (with Scorpio), accounting supplies, health care, hairdressing (with Libra), pharmaceutical (with Pisces), food processing, harvesting, herbs, health spas, nursing, servants, small pets, vets

Libra - clothing, art for esthetic appeal, confectionary, fashion, jewels, partnerships, anything to do with marriage and weddings

Scorpio - accounting, bathrooms, cemeteries, insurances, taxes, research, psychology, healing, hospice

Sagittarius - travel, advertising, publishing, religious institutions, sports gear, universities, higher learning

Capricorn - corporations, cement, coal, clocks and watches, engineers (with Scorpio), gerontology, nursing homes, office buildings, vaults, bones, teeth

Aquarius - aerospace, airplanes, astrology, metaphysics, commodities and futures, computers and technology, electrical, radio and TV, satellites, science

Pisces - drugs, alcohol, charity, chemicals, churches, fantasy, film, health care, hospitals, oceans, oil, photgraphy, poison, podiatry, shoes (with Libra), prison, dancing.

SILVER is ruled by the sign Cancer, and GOLD is ruled by Leo.  Therefore, when Jupiter hits Cancer, the price of Silver should go up.  Theoretically.  So, let's have a look.  Over the last 10 years, Silver prices rose dramatically in 2010, and went right up to almost $50 per ounce.  Jupiter was in the sign of Pisces for pretty much all of 2010, which is in trine to the sign of Cancer.  At the same time, Uranus was also in the sign of Pisces.  Jupiter and Uranus together can mean sudden huge surges upward, both in a sign that supports (trines) the Silver sign of Cancer.   The price of Silver topped out at $50 per ounce in April of 2011 and then started to go back down again.  Jupiter had just entered the sign of Aries in early 2011, which is square Cancer, so it makes sense that the price would start to back off.

Gold is ruled by the sign of Leo.   When Saturn is in Leo, Gold should be low.  When Saturn is in the signs that square Leo (Scorpio, Aquarius), it should also be low.   Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio right now, and has been for the past 1.5 years.  Saturn will continue to be in the sign of Scorpio right through to Jan of 2015, so theoretically the price of Gold should not rise exorbitantly until next year. 

                                                                                             Hadrian Roman Gold coins

Saturn entered the sign of Scorpio in Nov of 2012, and right on cue the price of Gold dropped.  It went from a high of approx $1600/oz in the winter of 2012 down to $1300/oz by the summer of 2013.    It perked up slightly in Oct of 2013, but then went down yet again to a low of $1200 by early Jan of this year.  Then it started going up again a bit in January.

Jupiter enters the sign of Gold -Leo- this July 2014.  Theoretically, this should make the price of Gold rise -  although the Saturn in Scorpio squaring that Jupiter in Leo may keep a lid on the price.  Once Saturn moves out of Scorpio and into Sag in Jan of 2015, the price of Gold can more easily move upward.  

I think that Saturn in Scorpio is representing the manipulation that has come to light in the precious metals markets this year.  That Saturn represents the banksters that have been manipulating the prices, and since Saturn leaves Scorpio at the end of 2014 and Saturn no longer squares Jupiter, it stands to reason that that would be when the manipulation has little effect.

China has recently created a new Shanghai Gold Exchange, with the end goal of becoming dominant in the international gold market. This would hugely affect the price of gold and silver, as then the natural market would define what the price should be and the western bankers would not be able to manipulate the prices as they did in the past.   Gold and silver prices are likely to rise at that point.

Still, when Jupiter enters Leo mid-July, its going to come up and trine Uranus in Aries, which could send the price of Gold upward since Aries is trine to Leo and therefore is supportive.   BUT, that Saturn in Scorpio could still keep the lid on anything climbing too high.   However, its next year when things could start to move.  Saturn will have left the sign of Scorpio and will no longer be fighting with Jupiter, so Jupiter can do its thing and expand the prices. Jupiter in Leo will be trining Uranus in Aries in early-mid March, and Venus and Mars will both be in Aries as well, setting up a very nice trine to that expansive Jupiter in the Leo sign of Gold,  - but Jupiter is retrograde, making it less than ideal.  Still, that's one timeline to watch.  As we carry on through 2015, Jupiter in Leo will move direct again on April 7th, 2015, and will come up and trine that Uranus in Aries again, and  it could possibly make a move upwards after that point, as both Uranus and Jupiter are direct. It should move up somewhere between mid-April 2015 and late July.  Actually, Jupiter is in Leo right through to August 11, so let's say mid-April through to August.

2015 is the year to watch for both Gold and Silver to rise in value - especially April through to August.

Jupiter is trine Saturn now, and having these two business planets in trine is helping to keep the economy afloat.  On its last legs mind you, but nothing has crashed yet.  Once Jupiter enters Leo and the two planets are in a square, that's when the economy could start to get on really shaky ground.  This is another reason why July is so important in the price of silver and gold.  Once the global economy has a big scare or a panic takes place, gold and silver are where people go for safety, showing why Jupiter entering Leo at that time symbolizes the rise in price of silver and gold - although it may not be until next year when it gets good.

Here's a wonderfully informative video from financial expert Michael Maloney. He actually put out a series of them, 5 in all, explaining in a very calm and simple manner how the US dollar standard is ending and why, the history behind currency and the cycles, as well as why the economy is tanking, the global picture, as well as the cycles of gold and silver and what is coming up in that regard. Wonderful video. Highly recommend. Watch it here. 


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  2. Great work. Many astrologer were predicting wrong for gold. They were of the view that gold will increase from June2014 when Jupiter enter Leo. But seem to be correct. Lets see how gold behave in Jan 2015.

  3. Ever since Saturn has moved into Sagittarius from 24 December 2014 gold has been going up making higher lows and now higher highs. So far in Jan 2015 gold is becoming more bullish. Hope it continues for the next few months.

  4. Hi Barb, I loved reading your silver / gold price forecast for 2014 - 15. How long will Jupiter remain in Leo until ? ie If gold prices start to increase in the near future like you have predicted then how long will it last ? what is your email address ?

    1. Jupiter is in Leo until Aug 11, 2015. As the world continues to reject the US dollar as reserve currency, gold will continue to rise in popularity. Fiat currencies always die eventually, and have done so 100% of the time throughout the history of the world, which you can see from the Mike Maloney video link I posted, so this one will too. Gold always holds its value. It will rise in value this year, but as to how much, who knows. Right now, in Jan 2015, Gold is already slowly going up as the world is reacting to the Swiss franc de-pegging from the Euro. As far as Gold goes, I don't really pay too much attention to the smaller ups and downs, as it will always go up and down. I'm more concerned with how it does in the longer term. Even as Jupiter leaves Leo in August, we still have Venus and Mars in Leo for a while after that, and Venus is in Leo right through to October 7, so that all bodes well for Gold as well. .

  5. Dear Barb.

    Thanks for your 2014-15 gold and silver price prediction. i need your help (suggestion-prediction). i bought silver mid april and i will exit mid july(11 july). when i will buy again and when i will exit second position. (mid september or mid october?) please write 2016 gold and silver prediction. i believe in you and astrology.

    Thanks for everything

    P.S. Sory for my bad English

  6. Silver and gold are still amazing bargains right now, but don't know how long that will last. I use the Jupiter Saturn cycle for gold and silver, but let's not forget there's a bigger uranus pluto cycle in play, plus two major eclipses in the fall. All bets are off in this kind of environment.

  7. Hi Barb, thanks for the article. I just started to learn the astrology for gold a few months ago. I appreciate your info about Jupiter Saturn and uranus pluto cycles in your article.

    Is the uranus pluto square a negative factor for god? As we can see, uranus pluto have been in square position for a while, this aspect sometimes is tighter sometimes is wider in the recent period.

    In terms of technical analysis of the gold price (I do have many years of experience on TA), I can see the gold weekly chart has done a pretty good consolidation since late June 2014, and from Nov last year to March this year, gold price made a pretty good double bottom as well. For the next several weeks, gold may be more likely to move up to higher high than to move down to lower low, from my TA point of view. Let’s see how gold performs in this coming week, it could give us a better idea about its direction in the near future. For trading, I would not place a big bet, just buy a small position of September GLD call options, for example, if lose, it won’t be big, if win, it may still be a good gain.

  8. The Uranus Pluto square denotes that some aspect of our society/economy is changing and ending. It's a revolutionary aspect. With that in mind,when the current financial system ends,people will realize that gold is the only real money there is, and gold will rise in value. Here'a a good example of how gold holds its value. In roman times, one gold ducat would buy a man a full outfit - a toga, sandals,and belt. In the year 1905, one oz of gold would still buy a man a full outfit - a nice suit, of clothes a hat, and shoes. Today, one oz of gold will still buy a man a nice suit of clothes and shoes. Gold has never lost value comparatively. Alternatively, if you paid $20 to buy that suit of clothes in 1900...that $20 wouldn't buy you even a belt today. I would buy for long term gain and security (over years), not for short term profit, although its up to each individual as to how they choose to invest.