Wednesday, 9 July 2014

July shifts and IMF director Christine LaGarde's strange speech

During this month of July both Saturn and Uranus change direction, and Jupiter changes sign.  Saturn and Jupiter are both economy/market/business planets, so when they shift, there is usually some correlating shift in the economy or the market.

Jupiter enters the sign of Leo on July 16th, which is the sign that also happens to rule Gold.  This shift bodes very well for the price of Gold and Silver for the next 12 months.

So, what's happening in the world during July that might account for these upcoming changes?

A new video was just released that shows IMF (International Monetary Fund) director Christine LaGarde giving a speech about what to expect for 2014. (She took over from Dominique Strauss Kahn after he was charged with raping a New York Hotel Maid).   It's well known that the global elite and the bankster cabal that run the western world are heavily involved in Freemasonry, numerology and occult symbolism.  Occult just means 'hidden'.  Everyone knows it, but they don't usually come right out and blatantly say so!   Well, Christine LaGarde just did.

This video has gotten a lot of attention lately and I've seen it on a number of different websites with different synopses. She talks about the cycles of 7, and what to expect for 2014, using numerology.  Most people watching this video understand that she is delivering a hidden message of some sort, using numbers.   The majority of people seem to think she is saying the IMF is going to be doing something big on July 20, 2014.  By big, some think it could be a global currency reset, or perhaps even a popping of the stock market bubble.  The BIS (Bank of International Settlements - sort of the central banks' central bank) came right out and recommended to the Fed that they should do a 'controlled' popping of the stock market bubble as soon as possible.  That is a confirmed fact.  Whether they take the advice or not...we don't know.  The Fed never does anything too overt.

That is interesting, because both Saturn and Uranus change sign on July 20th. And, if there is a big shift in the economy, its most likely that Gold and Silver will be the winners, correlating with expansive Jupiter entering the sign of Gold on the 16th.

Have a look and see what you think. Check out all the comments on the Youtube page as well.


  1. Hello Barb,
    Remember my dots theory?
    Sometimes things can appear very "speculative" or far-fetched. I don't care (I say it's way more interesting to research these things than to watch soccer ;) ).
    If I can connect some dots and the picture makes sense then at least it's a "maybe" for me.

    By now you may have seen this (insider chatroom secret code about silver and middle of July date): (you can skip to 2:50, this free preview is part of a longer interview I did not hear)

    If you have the time, now this is far-fetched:
    The Book of Daniel and the 70 sevens. Just search for "daniel's 70 weeks"
    Beware, with this kind of subject it is difficult to find high quality (trustworthy) web pages.

    But I have found a video that combines the tetrads and those dates.
    (please have a look from 18:38 to 28:08. I tried to find the shortest clip with the most relevant information)
    They also say Jupiter will be doing interesting things between 2015 and 2021.

    [There is another timeline sequence on this slide starting here (same Youtube channel) (from 3:48 to 5:09) ]

    - 23 September 2015 (Yom Kippur) is a turn date in the "Economic Confidence Model" of Martin Armstrong.
    - you don't need to publish this comment if you don't want you.
    - you might want to take the appropriate time, if you wish to spend time on this, to do your own research, before validating this comment, and/or publishing anything related to the Book of Daniel.
    - and it seems we not need to worry, the "End of Times" means we are ending Pisces, and going into Aquarius. Right ? ;))

    Alike the very much hyped 2012 Mayan date..., these things need to be taken "with a grain of salt", but if true, then with precaution, since big interests might be at play.
    I hope I did not bother you nor waste your time.

    Best regards, and thank you, DV.

  2. Thanks DV! I always appreciate your insights and thanks for sharing your research. Will check out your links, and yes, I did see the one about the iinside intel regarding middle of July - on a couple of different sites actually. The "End of times" that people talk about....I think that's more about the ending of one way/focus of life and the beginning of another, as the Age of Aquarius really speaks to a more equalitarian way of life - the common man working together as a group with the power divided equally among them - freedom and justice for all. The US was founded on the principles of Aquarius, but right now its so completely off the mark with the elite running the show, that something has got to give soon! Uranus square Pluto will hopefully continue to mess up their agenda. The internet and social media (Uranus) is going to mess up the agenda of the elite bankster (pluto).

  3. Love Ur interpretations astro barb!


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